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A genuine masterpiece

One of, or if not the best looking flash cartoon I have ever seen.

You deserve props man.

Lol I kinda liked it.

And I understand that this was not meant to be offensive to Stever Irwin I mean I too have had enough of those "slideshow with sad music" flashes, it's time for some humor which Steve had, he would have liked this movie, I bet. The graphics weren't the best but you managed to make it funny so you get my vote. R.I.P Steve.

~ Ringfinger

It came when I least expected...

Wow, I never expected this, I'm so glad you decided to continue the series, they are very epic and dramatic. I love the fact that you used the same theme song from the first episode, it kinda made it click as a whole. It also reminds me of the time when I was watching your movies as a young flash animator, asking for your advice over AIM, etc. Great to see you back. Peace.

~ Ringfinger

Rob-D responds:

Thanks, man. I love your Battlefield series!

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Well you're brave for calling this the Ultimate Homer Simpson Soundboard, I salute you for that. But what this soundboard lacks is the potential to produce a quality prank call.

If you're going to make a soundboard, you don't just record various quotes and put them in one place, you really have to take your time and find proper replies, funny things you can say to the person in the phone etc... Because if soundboards are not used for prank calls, whats good about them? Plus you could have included alot more sounds. The Simpsons has been running for almost 17 years. Better luck next time.

~ Ringfinger

Frenzy responds:

Umm... filesize is the problem, ym friend. Unless the wuotes are very short (ex. 'D'oh!'), then the filesize for each clip is big. That expalins the 4 MB.

Also, if you dewle throguh the soundboard, you'll find that it can be used for prank phone calls.

Thanks for the review!


not a bad game

Keep it up, I liked the graphics...Although where it says the music is by Gorgoroth I thought you meant the Black metal band Gorgoroth...kinda confusing...cya

~ Ringfinger

TrueDarkness responds:

Yeah, I could of been a little more clear on that I guess =p
Thanks for the review man =D

not bad

I like it. But for how long have you been making this? I remember it from like 2003 or something... Anyway it was pretty good. Could be more original though.

~ Ringfinger

EyeFusion responds:

Thanks =)
We were discussing in MSN about story based flash games in 2003, which led me to start Final Splatters 1 (took me a year =( ).
Final Splatters 2 took me 5 months.

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